The Western Carolina Journalist Staff Application





Experience in journalism:
(high school paper, Western Carolinian, etc.)



What are your strongest journalism skills?
(writing, editing, photography, video, etc.)



In what part of the site would you most like to work on?




What editorial position, if any, would you like to have (you may pick more than one; see the positions and the descriptions below)?


End here is what we are looking for:

Editor-in-chief. The editor has overall re­sponsibility for the web site. The editor sets policies and directions for the site and works closely with the faculty advisor in this regard. The editor is the public face of the site and makes contact with faculty, students and the general public for all matters concerning the site.

News editor. The news editor is responsible for the news coverage the site gives to events and subjects on campus and in the community. The news editor makes assign­ments and sets deadlines for news stories contributed to the site.

Sports editor. The sports editor is in charge of the sports coverage the site gives to campus and community sports events. The sports editor is responsible for setting up coverage, getting reporters and photographers certified by sports organizations if necessary and establishing deadlines.

Campus editor. The campus editor coordi­nates coverage of campus events and topics that do not fall under the responsibility of the news editor. The campus editor is most concerned with non-news or feature topics that might include dorm living, Greek life, academics and extracurricular activities, just to name a few.

Arts and culture editor. The arts and culture editor is responsible for coverage of artistic, cultural and musical events on campus and in the community. This editor is also respon­sible for book, CD, restaurant and other types of reviews.

Opinions editor. The opinions editor oversees the content of the opinions section of the site and is charged with encouraging a variety of opinion pieces from all parts of the campus and community. This editor is also responsible for the bloggers that are linked to the site and selection of stories from different blogs to be featured on the opinion or on the home page. The opinions editor may express personal opinions through articles or other means, but the site itself does not take editorial stands or make editorial endorsements.

Photo editor. The photo editor coordinates and assigns photographers for the site. The photo editor also works with other editors to assure the site has the quantity and quality of pictures necessary for a high-quality web site.

Social Media Editor. The social media editor coordinates and updates the WCJ social media accounts on Tweeter, Facebook. Coordinates with other editors and contributors on following on the social media posting and sharing the WCJ stories. Creates accounts on other social media.

Operations manager. The operations man­ager has the responsibility for keeping the site running, for maintaining the back-end of the site and for responding to the creative ideas of the staff.

Outdoor and leisure editor. The outdoor and leisure editor coordinates and assigns coverage of the outdoor and leisure events or topics that are abundant in the area. This editor is also responsible for the events and topics related to the local outdoor clubs and organizations.

Advertising manager. The main duty of the advertising manager is to develop advertis­ing opportunities for the site.



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