WCU students fight for equality at historic demonstration

As WCU junior Joanna Woodson boarded a transport van to Washington, D.C. just after dawn on the morning of Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, she knew that her destination would be teeming with “nasty women” on a mission to make their voices heard. She didn’t know that 24 hours later, her group of 11 activists would […]

Women’s impact on the presidential election

For the past month, the topic of women has been pivotal in the potential outcome of the presidential election. An article from The Huffington Post claims that this election isn’t about politics, it’s about how America sees women. The article states that there is a lot at stake for women in this election and that […]

The gender pay gap in education

Women, and what they are being paid for their work, is now on the political agenda. Both of the presidential candidates on the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have discussed the issue of women’s pay as a part of their individual platforms. As the election season is heating up, the gender pay gap […]

Perspectives on education: through the eyes of a female teacher

In an effort to see what it is truly like to be a woman working in the education field, the Western Carolina Journalist sat with local Smokey Mountain High School teacher Kristen Holt. This interview is a part of a multi-story project that attempts to bring to light the realities of being both a teacher […]

The history of women as teachers

Thinking back on your elementary, middle and high school days, you may find that the beloved teachers you learned from over the years were overwhelmingly female. Whether you realized it or not, women make up the majority of primary school teachers, a phenomenon that is only growing with time. According to data from the U.S. Department […]

Gender bias toward teachers? WCU students don’t have that problem

 Will Richards helped in collecting the data and with the multimedia  A  study at a French and US university showed that students when evaluating professors are biased toward their female teachers. As NPR reported, the French students rated the male teacher better across the board although on the final exam those taught by male teachers scored lower. In […]