Student Government Association looking to increase turnout in upcoming elections

On a campus of over 11,000 students, it can feel difficult for students to have their voice heard by the people higher up. The best way for students to communicate a problem that they want fixed is to go through the Student Government Association who are having elections in March. Elections for the Student Government […]

Almost there: the stresses of a soon to be graduate

The life of a non-traditional college student may seem more hectic then most business professionals’. It’s Thursday morning. You get up at 8 a.m. and go to class. After a short lunch break you go to another class, and then another. At 3:15 p.m. you get out and run to your car in order to […]

WCU counseling combats stress one student at a time

This story was co-written/produced with Jesse Pigeon It is no secret that the end of the semester causes stress for students, but for many, the weeks before exams prove to be more challenging than exam week itself. So, why exactly is the end of the semester so much more difficult to work through? The answers vary […]

Compassion when it counts: The mind of a social worker

It seemed that an air of compassion followed Joe Allen with every step. As he opened the door to a windowless second-floor waiting room inside the Jackson County Social Services building, the looming sense of dread lingering in the atmosphere scattered. Sitting in a government-beige social services office has a way of conjuring up a […]

Western lost to No. 8 in Homecoming matchup

Western Carolina University football fell to the No. 8 FCS ranked team, University of Tennessee Chattanooga in Saturday, Oct. 29, homecoming festivities. The final score was 38 to 25. Catamounts seemed to float on whether they wanted to be in the game or not through out Saturday’s competition. Out the gate in the first quarter, the […]

Peter Freer hijacks the minds of Western Carolina Students

Peter Freer, President of Freer Logic, hosted a presentation Oct. 24 on Western Carolina University Campus titled Yes. We Can Read Your Mind. The event was held in the University Center Theater from 4 to 5 p.m., and had the purpose of presenting some of the sensory technology that Freer Logic has been making advances […]