Unarmed, do you know your rights?

The Organization of Ebony Students (OES) hosted a discussion panel, “Unarmed” on Oct.6. The program was created in response of to the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American who was killed by police office in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug.9. The shooting prompted protests in Ferguson and started a discussion on race and the […]

It’s WCU night in Dillsboro

The first horse-drawn carriage ride will trot off at 5:30 p.m. in the town of Dillsboro, to kick off the 29th annual Lights and Luminaries celebration with Western Carolina University’s new Provost, Angi Brenton and family. Following the carriage ride, Mrs. Belcher, wife of Western Carolina University’s chancellor, will fill the air with Christmas spirit […]

BREAKING NEWS: Smoke at Harrill Hall at WCU ceased

11:00 am:  Smoke has ceased at Harrill Hall but firefighters are still monitoring the area.  No cause has been released why the fire happened.  Some speculate it was just smoke and no fire,  and could have been caused by installation in the building.  Fire officials are checking the building. *Harrill Hall is currently under renovations and plans to be reopened […]

Belcher: A breath of fresh air

Genuine, passionate, excited, energetic, and visionary are all terms used to describe David O. Belcher, Western Carolina University’s 11thchancellor, during Thursday’s installation ceremony. Almost a year ago the “super hero” team of David and Susan Belcher began making their impact on the WCU campus and have more in store for the future. The themes of […]

Chancellor Belcher predicts a bright future for WCU

David O. Belcher stepped into the role as chancellor at Western Carolina University at a tough time.  The economy is the lowest it has been in decades, the athletic department isn’t producing to expectations, and opinions of the college are very strong throughout the community but these obstacles haven’t slowed chancellor Belcher’s vision of the […]

Dillsboro brightens the holidays

Dillisboro began their 28th annual festival of lights and luminaries to kick off the holiday season on December 2.  The festival was opened on Friday with a Western Carolina University night encouraging all students, faculty, and staff to visit the town. Chancellor David Belcher and his wife opened the night with a horse and buggy […]