WCU students fight for equality at historic demonstration

As WCU junior Joanna Woodson boarded a transport van to Washington, D.C. just after dawn on the morning of Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, she knew that her destination would be teeming with “nasty women” on a mission to make their voices heard. She didn’t know that 24 hours later, her group of 11 activists would […]

President Obama speaks progressively at inauguration

President Barack H. Obama’s second term has taken form after his swearing-in ceremony on Monday at the Capitol with affirming Democratic stances on gay rights, climate change and immigration reform. Chief Justice John Roberts formally swore in the president and vice president on Sunday. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday shared the public ceremonial […]

Possible marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado

Many people voiced their opinion in this past election and many changes were made. Among them were the legalization of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older in Washington and Colorado. Many people are happy about the states exercising their right to govern themselves and making laws to suit their citizens. This isn’t a new […]