Whee Gaming brings competitive gaming to WCU

Students and players from around the state, got to get a little break from classes, and put away the pencils. They brought out their controllers with the Whee Gaming Tournament, which was held April 29 in the University Center Illusions room. The Whee Gaming Club had multiple tournaments, that players could enter for just $5  which featured plenty […]

WCU hosts the “Dangerous Faggot Tour”

This story was co-written with Meghan O’Sullivan. Audience members cheered as guest speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, spoke fervently against feminism, Islam, Black Lives Matter and liberals. Through his growing popularity, he has incited protests, anti-Milo committees and been permanently banned from Twitter in an attempt to silence his dialogues that can be taken very offensively. Yiannopoulos, a […]

Slam poet G Yamazawa is coming to WCU

Have you ever wanted to hear a spoken word artist perform poetry? Your chance is on its way! Award winning slam poet, G Yamazawa, will grace Western Carolina University with his spunk and wit on Monday, Feb. 29, in UC Illusions at 7 p.m. The G Yamazawa Slam Poet event is a part of the Coffeehouse […]

A unique twist on coffee shop music

” To the windows, to the walls. To the sweat drop downs my b***s, To all these b*****s crawl. To all skeet skeet motherf*****s, all skeet skeet god d**n” This is how Dan Henig entertained an audience of around 30 people in UC Illusions, on Feb. 9, during his coffee house concert. Henig’s music is […]