Why don’t students take advantage of study abroad?

In the United States, less than two percent of college students study abroad. This number scales with Western Carolina University where, according to International Programs and Services, out of over 8,000 students, only about 200 decide to study abroad. With the benefits and experience that this program can offer, why are students not taking advantage of […]

Western Sahrawi deserve to be heard

Meet Shelley Booth. She is 40-something Asheville mom, business co-owner, outdoor enthusiast and an activist. On Feb. 27 she ran her first marathon…. in the Sahara Desert. And she ran with a mission to help raise awareness and funds for the displaced Sahrawi people. She reached her goal and raised over $5,000 that will help rebuild […]

‘Home away from home’ in Japan

Jessica Nash, a third year student at Western Carolina University, has always been interested in Japanese culture since she discovered what anime was. “That was the door that introduced me to so many amazing and culturally pique things about Japan,” said Nash. To further explore the language, entertainment, anime, the way people live there and the […]

Discovering Detroit

It was 4th of July weekend, and Detroit was calling my name. A small town girl from Roanoke Rapids, N.C., I was more than little excited when my boyfriend Zack invited me up to Michigan. We stayed the nights right outside Monroe, just 40 miles from Detroit. Fields of beans and corn surrounded us. I […]

A hike into ‘Paradise’

With only one year left in college, I thought I had hiked all around western North Carolina. But there was one view I hadn’t seen: the aptly named Paradise Falls. Located in the Nantahala National Forest, Paradise Falls is a natural wonder. Three tiers tall, this waterfall is tucked into a tight chasm of massive […]

Get out of town, seriously!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where one spreads their wings, takes a leap of faith, and gets outside the box (or their box). Whether it is a day, a couple weeks, several months, or years of being out of their comfort zone, so much growing happens within that period of time. Recently I […]