Peter Freer hijacks the minds of Western Carolina Students

Peter Freer, President of Freer Logic, hosted a presentation Oct. 24 on Western Carolina University Campus titled Yes. We Can Read Your Mind. The event was held in the University Center Theater from 4 to 5 p.m., and had the purpose of presenting some of the sensory technology that Freer Logic has been making advances […]

What is Heartbleed?

In late April, students may have received an e-mail from Western Carolina University’s IT department warning you of a new threat to the internet named “Heartbleed.” The warning was accompanied with a statement that your password for numerous services offered by the school including MyCat, Blackboard and wireless internet would need to be changed if […]

First DigiX event finds success, gains traction for future

Students at Western Carolina University tend to forget the technology that surrounds them, especially in an area like Cullowhee.  What new products have spurred out of an innovative idea?  To answer that question, digital support specialist Jason Melvin with Coulter Faculty Commons brought the technology landscape to the university with the first annual DigiX. The […]

Adobe offers student discount

Adobe is offering a new service discount to students and teachers through March 11. Adobe Creative Cloud will be available at a $19.99 per month rate for students.  Creative Cloud allows users access to all of Adobe’s products in Creative Suite 6, like Photoshop and InDesign. Users will receive updates to the programs when they […]

WCU goes wireless

Residential Living seems to be committed to expanding wireless to all residence halls that currently do not have it as soon as they are financially able as reported by Andy Voelker, Manager of of Student Computing in the Technology Commons. Wireless is a big concern with students on campus. With the growing trend of smart […]

A new app that makes political ads not so scary

During elections individuals are under constant bombardment of political ads that lash out at the opposing side. How does one decide which ads are speaking truth and which are spreading slander? A new app called the Super PAC App was developed just for that job for the 2012 election year. The app, in a way, […]