Sylva rock band releases debut EP

Sylva southern rock n’ roll band, The Log Noggins, have spent many hours in the studio since November, and this month they emerged with an impressive set of songs to show for it. The band released their groove-packed four-track self-titled demo with a live show at Highland Brewing Company in Asheville on June 9. The […]

Why Coheed & Cambria’s latest album is important and you should give it a(nother) listen

Coheed & Cambria released their latest record this month, “The Color Before The Sun,” signifying their departure from their usual conceptual storyline, “The Amory Wars.” The record has earned praise among fans, as well as others citing their disappointment due to its lack of story. It is their arguably most accessible and commercial record yet, […]

“Spread It Heavy” with Porch 40

From house party to premier venue, Porch 40 is increasing the size of their performances, as well as their unique repertoire. Porch 40 is a college town band taking the local music scene in western North Carolina to a new level. Andrew Duncan, Carter McDevitt, Spencer Bradley, Scott Burr and Mitchell Metz formed the progressive/funk/rock group […]

Behind the scenes with Porch 40

Soul Infusion Tea House and Bistro was packed when Porch 40 played on Saturday, May 4, but when it’s Porch 40 it’s always packed. Porch 40, a funk/jazz/rock/energy band, has become a local favorite in the Sylva/Cullowhee area. Andrew Duncan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Scott Burr (vocals, saxophone, synthesizer), Mitchell Metz (vocals, violin, bass, guitar), […]

Students weigh in on new music from Mumford & Sons, Dave Matthews Band, Avett Brothers

Three of the biggest bands in music, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, and Dave Matthews Band, all sold hundreds of thousands of copies of their new albums in September. Although Mumford & Sons scored the biggest record sales for their album, Babel, moving 600,000 copies in the first week, many people would argue as […]