Unconventional, random, honest: the Beats presented at Literary Festival

The Literary Festival began on Monday, April 3, and has featured several poets and nonfiction authors. On Tuesday, an event led by WCU’s own Paul Worley saw several students presenting their own poems and even putting together their own book of poems that was available for purchase. This was the largest audience at the festival […]

Distinguished poet and lifetime conservationist Brent Martin opens festival

To kick off the first day of the Spring Literary Festival, Gilbert-Chappel distinguished poet Brent Martin will be reading from a few of works on Monday, April 4, in the UC Theater, starting at noon. Martin will be reading from some of his chapbook poetry collections titled Poems From Snow Hill Road, A Shout in the Woods, […]

Powerful poet, fiction, and non-fiction writer Lauren K. Alleyne

As the Spring Literary Festival draws closer, the list of attending authors continues to grow. Among that list of authors is poet, fiction, and non-fiction writer, Lauren K. Alleyne,  who will be reading from her first collection of poems titled Difficult Fruit on Tuesday, April 5, at 12 p.m. in the UC Theater. Alleyne was […]