WCU Chancellor addresses campus diversity issues

Western Carolina University’s Chancellor, David Belcher, proposed his three-point plan at increasing diversity and inclusion on campus during a one-on-one interview Tuesday, April 12. Belcher said providing information about campus policies, engaging people in conversation and using feedback to create a list of approaches is his plan to make WCU more diverse. “What I’m trying to do […]

Stop Legislating Hate, North Carolina!

This post was previously published on CandidCeillie, Ceillie Simkiss’s personal blog. I am disappointed and disgusted with my state this week. For those of you who don’t know, North Carolina’s General Assembly wasted $42,000 yesterday calling a special session in order to pass an “anti-discrimination bill” that gives homophobes and transphobes the ability to be […]

WCJ Wheekly Update: Decision 2016 special

In this edition of WCJ Wheekly we go over the results of the primaries so far and the results of Super Saturday. Stay tuned weekly for more episodes of WCJ Wheekly Update.    

Chancellor Belcher discusses bond referendum’s impact on WCU

Chancellor David Belcher held an educational forum on Feb. 29 discussing the Connect N.C. bond referendum and answering questions from Western Carolina University students and faculty. Voters will be given the opportunity to vote on the bond during North Carolina’s primary election on March 15. Whether or not the bond is passed will make a […]

Despite the weather traditional MHD 5k race was successful

Western Carolina University’s biggest event of the year, Mountain Heritage Day, starts with a 5k race hosted by the Sport Management Association (SMA). Dr. Charlie Parrish and the SMA met outside the Stillwell science building at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26. Their goal was to get as many runners as possible to participate in […]

‘Ready, Set, Blow’ with Jackson County Green Energy Park

Jackson County Green Energy Park (JCGEP) will host an artist open house competition from 2 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 11. “The artist open house competition is an incentive to get the artists out to the JCGEP and experience our brand of studios,” said Timm Muth, director of JCGEP. JCGEP is searching for artists […]