Welcoming the Winter season on a snowboard

Going through the process of trial and tribulation. Photo by Hunter Bryn

Fall has ended,  leaves have fallen and winter is officially here in North Carolina. What better way to celebrate the winter season than to go learn a winter sport? With the optimistic idea of celebrating Mother Nature, I decided to challenge snowboarding. At the beginning of November, the day arrived that I would learn how to […]

Same sex marriage legalized in North Carolina

Same sex marriage in North Carolina is now legal, based on a ruling on October 10, 2014. People throughout Western North Carolina have some very opposing views when it comes to this issue, but most people understand that for now it is here to stay. Watch the full story below.

NC Constitution as important as US Constitution?

Discussion panel for Constitution Day lecture in Bardo Arts Center, September 17, 2014 photo by Michael Williams

“The North Carolina Constitution grants power, while the United States Constitution restricts power,”  Justice Robert Orr of the NC Supreme Court explained that this fact is one of the most important things to learn from the Constitution Day Lecture. Orr gave a short overview of the NC Constitution. Robert Ferguson of the WCU Department of […]

A hike into ‘Paradise’

Paradise Falls is tucked into this massive gorge -- truly a natural wonder. Photo by Katie Marshall. 6/14/2014

With only one year left in college, I thought I had hiked all around western North Carolina. But there was one view I hadn’t seen: the aptly named Paradise Falls. Located in the Nantahala National Forest, Paradise Falls is a natural wonder. Three tiers tall, this waterfall is tucked into a tight chasm of massive […]

Mass incarceration from a federal and state perspective

Photo by: Tanner Hall

The United States imprisons more people at a higher rate and for longer periods than any other country in the world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are over 225,000 state prisoners that are currently incarcerated for drug-related offenses – a costly result of policies created during the drug war that began […]

Celebrate Earth Day like a local

greening up the mountain 2014

Smell of funnel cake and sounds of bluegrass mixed with jazz and fiddle  filled up downtown Sylva,  Saturday, April 26, to celebrate the Greening up the Mountains Festival . “It started out as an Earth Day festival, and this is the 17th one. It’s always the fourth Saturday in April,” said Paige Roberson, Sylva town […]