WCU parking changes; residents are not happy

Changes are coming to parking at Western Carolina University beginning this fall. These changes will impact residents who live on campus, commuters, and visitors to WCU. “Residential halls will be enforced from 7 o’clock in the morning to 11 p.m. at night,” said WCU’s Director of Parking and Transportation, Frederick J. Bauknecht. WCU will have a […]

What happened to student media?

Western Carolina University’s student media, managed by the Department of campus activities, pulls $41,770.50 in student wages alone. TV62, the television station, collects $17,425 and The Western Carolinian, a traditional newspaper, collects $21,995.50 in student wages. WCU students pay for the student media through their required fees. Specifically, part of the $286 student activity fee goes […]

Mountain Faith returns home

People from the community packed Main Street in Sylva, Thursday, Sept. 10, with the hopes of getting just a glimmer of the returning hometown band, Mountain Faith. Firetrucks, Triple Threat dancers, and finally Mountain Faith paraded down Main Street toward Bridge Park. The band was welcomed with open arms by approximately 1,500 people, according to […]

Same sex marriage legalized in North Carolina

Same sex marriage in North Carolina is now legal, based on a ruling on October 10, 2014. People throughout Western North Carolina have some very opposing views when it comes to this issue, but most people understand that for now it is here to stay. Watch the full story below.