Passion for music leads to 23 years and counting of business ownership

With just one foot in the door or even just a peek in the window, one will find a place that exudes character and passion. The shop is filled with just about everything: records, CD’s, vape and hookah accessories, quirky gifts, t-shirts, stickers and so much more. The atmosphere of In Your Ear Music Emporium […]

WCU hosts 17th Tournament Of Champions

The sounds of trumpets, drums and flutes filled the Cullowhee valley on Saturday, Oct. 21 for the 17th Tournament Of Champions. The Tournament Of Champions is a marching band competition hosted by the Pride Of The Mountains. The competition featured 24 bands from North Carolina and Tennessee traveling to WCU for one day to compete […]

Hendersonville two-piece folk band only gets better

“Wilderness,” released June 10, is the second full-length album by Wintervals, a two-piece folk band from Hendersonville, NC. The new LP represents the evolution of a relationship. Lisa Tyler and Trevor Walker met at The Ugly Mug coffee shop in Hendersonville when they started working together. After a few joint acoustic shows, the singer and […]

Sylva rock band releases debut EP

Sylva southern rock n’ roll band, The Log Noggins, have spent many hours in the studio since November, and this month they emerged with an impressive set of songs to show for it. The band released their groove-packed four-track self-titled demo with a live show at Highland Brewing Company in Asheville on June 9. The […]

Annual ‘Battle of the Bands’ in need of diversity

“I’m all about the energy. The energy is key – I love it,” said Risky, winner of the third-annual Last Minute Productions’ Battle of the Bands. After five performances on Tuesday night, March 21, the student audience decided Yung Bush aka Risky would win it all – which was a ticket to see the upcoming […]

An authentic night of music with Haley Klinkhammer

Haley Klinkhammer, as an aspiring musician, is the genuine article and can be seen as a bright light in the YouTube generation, representing herself and the purity of her heart and her love for music are sure to attract many more subscribers if they simply give her the time of day. Haley Klinkhammer performed at […]