The Filharmonic was Pitch Perfect!

Loud squeals, shouts and laughter filled the University Center Grand Room as the Filharmonic boys searched the audience for a volunteer to come up on stage. Out of the large audience, Anna Thomas was the lucky girl. She was quickly taken up to the stage where the boys sat her down in a chair. With […]

Show Review: The Oh Hellos @ The Orange Peel

Listening to modern folk band The Oh Hellos’ current release, Dear Wormwood, I imagined the band to be a relaxed, inconspicuous presence on stage. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While breezy, earthy vocals take precedence over the instrumentals on most of The Oh Hellos’ recordings, the live performance shows off the complicated conglomeration of […]

New Music Monday: Judah & the Lion

What happens when you rap over a mandolin, garage-y drums, and a synth? You get Judah & the Lion, a young band out of Nashville, Tenn. Once a decidedly rootsy-folk outfit only a few years ago, Judah & the Lion have now adopted the surprising label of “folk hop.” As difficult as it is to […]

Album Review: Aofie O’Donovan – In The Magic Hour

“In the magic hour…” sounds like the beginning of a fairy tail, or the beginning of instructions to a witch’s spell. Aofie (pronounced “EE-fah”) O’ Donovan’s Jan. 22 release certainly calls to mind the whimsy of these childish fantasies. As a stage and screen student who has taken a whopping one cinematography class, I know […]

Five album releases to get excited about in 2016

If you don’t think 2015 was a good year for music, maybe you are deaf. Or perhaps, you pride yourself in being super underground and are therefore too enlightened to listen to Adele. In that case, you probably hated the month of December, because it was impossible to take in any medium of media without […]

Show Review: Laura Marling @ The Orange Peel

“So what kind of music does she play?” asked one of my concert companions as she cut a chunk off of her free-range chicken tender. The three of us decided to catch up over a true Asheville classic –Farm Burger—before making the trek over a few blocks to the Orange Peel. I find myself in […]