How was senior thesis film “Creating Joseph” created?

Films aren’t easy things to make. According to the new program director for Film & Television production, Joshua Russell, films are a sophisticated, populist art for people and by people in their ways of telling a compelling visual story. Not everything in film makes it to their final cuts, and the Spring student thesis film “Creating […]

Students should see “Selma”

Currently in theaters is the exhilarating film that depicts one of the many movements and acts involved in the fight for suffrage and equality. The story covers the three-month period in 1965 when Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled to Selma, Alabama. The purpose of the 54 mile march from Selma to Montgomery was to protest […]

For all you water lovers

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS –– The Raven Fork, a Class V whitewater river located in the Great Smoky Mountains, descends rapidly from its origins near the Appalachian Trail to the valley floor in the Big Cove section of the Qualla Boundary. The steep, narrow descent is a favorite of extreme whitewater kayakers and the centerpiece of an […]