K-12 education in N.C. and the elections

Education in the United States is one of the biggest issues that is discussed very little when it comes to this election cycle.  This is especially true for primary education, considering that the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, had been discussing mostly college education and student debt.  Clinton and Trump both have very […]

This Summer In Politics

The summer was full of controversy for both presidential candidates promising an interesting election season. After the conventions, Trump and Clinton had a bump in the polls but each had plenty of issues and scandals both prior to the conventions and after. Clinton’s Troubles On July 5, FBI Director Jim Comey gave a speech where he recommended that […]

Super Twos-day: Both front-runners extend leads

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump extended their leads over rivals in the presidential primary race on Super Tuesday, the first multi-state primary of the year. “Last night I don’t think there were too many big surprises,” said Dr. Todd Collins, Public Policy Institute Director at Western Carolina University. “Trump was ahead in most of the […]