Culture of being an Appalachian Trail hiker

“Hiker Trash” is a term many within the long-term hiking community take on with pride. According to The Trek, a website dedicated to the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, this phrase is used affectionately to refer to a hikers that have sunken down to a lower standard of living than the standard they lived at before embarking […]

A hike into ‘Paradise’

With only one year left in college, I thought I had hiked all around western North Carolina. But there was one view I hadn’t seen: the aptly named Paradise Falls. Located in the Nantahala National Forest, Paradise Falls is a natural wonder. Three tiers tall, this waterfall is tucked into a tight chasm of massive […]

Good exercise and fall foliage: hiking at Carl Sandburg’s

  Not going home over Thanksgiving break  and yearning for a small road trip adventure? The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is just over the hill in Flat Rock, North Carolina. With 264 acres on the property, visitors are welcome year round to explore the grounds and hike the easy to moderate trails around […]