Whee Gaming brings competitive gaming to WCU

Students and players from around the state, got to get a little break from classes, and put away the pencils. They brought out their controllers with the Whee Gaming Tournament, which was held April 29 in the University Center Illusions room. The Whee Gaming Club had multiple tournaments, that players could enter for just $5  which featured plenty […]

Game Review: South Park: The Stick of Truth

Very few shows can lay claim to the type of legacy South Park has. Even after 17 seasons, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker still find ways to keep the adventures of the residents of a quiet mountain town in Colorado relevant. Since its announcement, there has been some question as to whether or not […]

WCU gamers get ready!

Whee Game will be hosting their bi-semester LAN this Saturday, Feb. 8, in the Grand Room and Illusions in the University Center. Vice president of console gaming Duy Nguyen said in an email interview that the LAN will have every major console except for the Xbox One. That includes the Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, […]

Microsoft announces Xbox One updates

Microsoft announced two new system updates for the Xbox One today, addressing problems with party chat, storage management and to prepare gamers for Titanfall this March. On February 11, users will be asked to download and install and install the first update as soon as they sign into Xbox Live. The update will include some […]

Gaming Club hosts fall LAN

“It’s beautiful when a bunch of nerds can all come together and celebrate the things we love,”  said one student on Saturday when the WCU gaming club converted the University Centers Illusions venue into a hub for all things gaming. “I love the atmosphere, its amazing” remarked Michael “Kaz-Ka” Huffman, a senior at WCU. From […]

WCU Gaming Club holds final LAN party of school year

The WCU Gaming Club held its final LAN party of the semester on Saturday, April 20, drawing in gamers from all over campus to participate in the biggest gaming tournament of the year. Located in the Illusions room of the University Center, the LAN party featured tournaments in games such as Mortal Kombat, League of […]