How would you grade the Trump Administration?

Saturday, April 29 marked Donald Trump’s 100th day in office. Despite the short period, Trump has signed 78 executive actions. This includes 30 executive orders that target the environment, education, trade and even includes the controversial immigration ban, also known as the travel ban. In order to evaluate all Trump has done in regards to […]

International students at WCU have their own views about primaries

With the NC primaries coming up on March 15, students at Western Carolina University have different views and thoughts about the candidates, elections, and foreign policy. Some are impatiently waiting for the voting process to begin. “[Foreign policy] is fundamentally important to every single election…there are 192 other countries that the president will be a symbol for. Foreign […]

Student opinion on ‘Intentional Conversations’ panel

Video created by Kayla Brookshire. After the ‘Intentional Conversations’ political panel on Thursday, March 3, we gathered some audience opinions about how the panel helped students understand certain aspects of our government and what they ultimately learned from the discussion. The speakers covered topics like prison reform, foreign policy, feminism, voting policies and even voter suppression. […]

WCU’s take on debate

Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, met one last time at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla, Oct. 22, for the third and final presidential debate. It resulted in mixed reactions from the Western Carolina community because of harsh statements and accusations by both candidates. The debate involved topics ranging from Syria to America’s […]