Writer urges students: ‘read and persevere’

This story was originally published in The Sylva Herald. Every Monday night since January, 10 students have met for class in the Coulter building on Western Carolina University’s campus. They read stories, write and present on contemporary work—all while learning from one of America’s towering professional writers: WCU professor and Jackson County resident Ron Rash. […]

The 15th Literary Festival is over; preps for next one start

On April 6, the Coulter recital hall filled up with people to listen to a poetry reading from one of the most famous contemporary poets: Billy Collins. After 13 artists visited WCU, the 15th Literary Festival ended. This year’s Literary Festival started on April 3 and featured short story writers, novelists, poets and for the first […]

Time for some good readings: Literary Festival is back

The 15th annual spring Literary Festival is set to start on Monday, April 3, and will feature short story writers, poets, novelists and even a photographer. The Literary Festival is a four-day event that is hosted by WCU’s English department, celebrating literature, writing, art and storytelling. This year, a total of 13 artists from all over […]

Time for poetry and prose… and beautiful words

Each year, for the past 14 years, Western Carolina University has held an annual Spring Literary Festival to reflect WCU’s commitment to providing the best humanities education possible for its students and to bring the best of the arts to the heart of the WNC Mountains. The Festival is a 4-day long event where both established […]

Western Carolina has an equestrian team?

Amongst volleyball, disc golf, ballet, softball, and more, Western Carolina University’s Equestrian team is a club sport that many students are unaware of. Many of you may be asking, what is an equestrian sport? Horseback riding defines the equestrian sport. Out of the many, two different equestrian riding styles are generally practiced at WCU: English […]

The right to bear arms

Firearms have played a major, albeit controversial role in American history. There are proponents for gun use that cite the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as staunch opposition that advocate the banning of firearms. There are consequences for owning guns that are both positive and negative. Guns can be used for […]