Joanna Woodson: Your voice matters, dammit

It wasn’t until three weeks after the election that the Jackson County Board of Elections finally sat down for canvassing day. Until this year I wasn’t aware that canvassing day–a time after the election board members go one by one through questionable provisional ballots and determine which ones will count–existed. To me, provisional ballots existed […]

Just when you thought it was over… Gubernatorial recount in Durham County and Election ’17

In the weeks following Nov. 8, Americans all across the U.S. could take solace in the fact that election season was finally over. Unfortunately for North Carolinians, the most tumultuous and divisive election season in recent memory refused to leave The Old North State. Democratic challenger Roy Cooper appeared to have won the governor’s seat […]

With NC governorship hanging in the balance, Chris Cooper examines impact of provisional ballots

The 2016 elections, although over, seem not to be. In North Carolina, the close race for the governorship is still in the news. Last week, Gov. Pat McCrory officially filed for a statewide recount. This will not happen until all the county boards of elections certify their results. This weekend, McCrory’s campaign offered to withdraw his […]

No lines on election day in Cullowhee

Jackson County residents are going to the polls on Election Day following a strong early voting turnout. According to the North Carolina Board of Elections, 46 percent of the nearly 29,000 Jackson County registered voters have already cast their ballots. The tally of early votes cast adds up to about 13,000. That is only about […]

Early voting a resounding success at WCU

Zane Perkins and Amber Degree contributed to the reporting of this story Since early voting began in Jackson County on Oct. 27, nearly 40 percent of registered voters have cast their ballot. As of 2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 4, there were 11, 277 total votes accounted for, with over 2,300 at WCU, and over 1,500 at […]

Final debate at WCU gets heated

Amber Degree contributed to the reporting The candidates for the North Carolina state Senate District 50, incumbent Jim Davis (R) and Jane Hipps (D), debated on Oct. 27, on healthcare, education and taxes, trying to convince voters to vote for them. This was the final debate on the WCU campus and around 75 people attended. The crowd […]