Forums underway as WCU, educators explain lab school

The first of two forums about the new Catamount School unveiled plans, objectives and information. The forum, which took place March 16 on the campus of Western Carolina University, was led by Kim Winter, associate dean of The College of Education at WCU; Dan Grube, director of The School of Teaching and Learning at WCU; […]

“Catamount School” raises new questions and curiosity

Western Carolina University and Jackson County public schools are teaming up to bring a new and ambitious program to the public school system. The new initiative, dubbed “Catamount School” by the North Carolina legislature, will start this August and is aimed at districts where schools are identified as low-performing. Catamount School will serve students as a […]

K-12 education in N.C. and the elections

Education in the United States is one of the biggest issues that is discussed very little when it comes to this election cycle.  This is especially true for primary education, considering that the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, had been discussing mostly college education and student debt.  Clinton and Trump both have very […]

The gender pay gap in education

Women, and what they are being paid for their work, is now on the political agenda. Both of the presidential candidates on the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have discussed the issue of women’s pay as a part of their individual platforms. As the election season is heating up, the gender pay gap […]

Perspectives on education: through the eyes of a female teacher

In an effort to see what it is truly like to be a woman working in the education field, the Western Carolina Journalist sat with local Smokey Mountain High School teacher Kristen Holt. This interview is a part of a multi-story project that attempts to bring to light the realities of being both a teacher […]

The history of women as teachers

Thinking back on your elementary, middle and high school days, you may find that the beloved teachers you learned from over the years were overwhelmingly female. Whether you realized it or not, women make up the majority of primary school teachers, a phenomenon that is only growing with time. According to data from the U.S. Department […]