Culture of being an Appalachian Trail hiker

“Hiker Trash” is a term many within the long-term hiking community take on with pride. According to The Trek, a website dedicated to the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, this phrase is used affectionately to refer to a hikers that have sunken down to a lower standard of living than the standard they lived at before embarking […]

How was senior thesis film “Creating Joseph” created?

Films aren’t easy things to make. According to the new program director for Film & Television production, Joshua Russell, films are a sophisticated, populist art for people and by people in their ways of telling a compelling visual story. Not everything in film makes it to their final cuts, and the Spring student thesis film “Creating […]

Taikoza brings a taste of Japanese culture to WCU

Western Carolina brought a little taste of Japanese culture to the Bardo Arts Center on Wednesday night, April 18, with a performance from Taikoza. Taikoza is the only performance group in the United States that incorporates the use of Japanese dance and instruments such as Taiko drums, which are large drums made of tree trunks […]

Traditions and prohibitions of Valentine’s Day around the world

Sick and tired of American Valentine’s Day traditions? Not to worry, there are plenty of unique ways people choose to pay homage to Saint Valentine. Here’s 5 unique customs celebrated around the globe that take the holiday beyond a simple gift exchange: Japan turns the gender norm on its head as women are the ones […]

WCU 37th International Festival was success

The UC Lawn was full with flags from all over the world. The air was the smell of Turkish coffee and Arabic tea; the crowd was happy. Many of them had drawings on their faces, or were playing with their new and small stuffed and colorful frogs and lizards. This was the 37th International festival held […]

Get ready for a cultural experience

Western Carolina University will have its 37th annual International Festival on Wednesday, April 13, from 11 – 2:30 p.m. on the University Center lawn. WCU’s Office of International Programs and Services is hosting the event. The festival is a celebration of the diverse cultures and traditions of WCU’s international student population. Its purpose is to share awareness of […]