Making sense of the election

Ashley Kairis contributed the photo story for local elections. Tuesday night was a roller coaster of emotion and surprise for many people as election results surprised people nationally and locally. President-elect Donald Trump may have been the biggest surprise, as results began to defy media and poll predictions for a Hillary Clinton victory. The USC/LA […]

Early voting a resounding success at WCU

Zane Perkins and Amber Degree contributed to the reporting of this story Since early voting began in Jackson County on Oct. 27, nearly 40 percent of registered voters have cast their ballot. As of 2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 4, there were 11, 277 total votes accounted for, with over 2,300 at WCU, and over 1,500 at […]

Students react to a heated second presidential debate

Around 60 students gathered on Sunday, Oct. 9, to watch and comment on the second presidential debate. The Student Democracy Coalition (SDC) and Last Minute Productions hosted the watch party. The audience in the WCU UC was vocal and cheered for every haymaker dropped on each candidate and it seemed the room was evenly split […]

Negativity, not positivity, influences 2016 voter turnout

Remember 2008? That year, a young Democrat was elected president after galvanizing voters around the positive ideas of “hope” and “change.” Negativity will be the main factor driving American voters to the polls this November. According to the analysis from website FiveThirtyEight, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have the two lowest favorability ratings of […]