Tar Heel politics: A look at what 2018 offers

This story was originally published in The Sylva Herald. Given the turbulence of politics in 2017 in North Carolina, The Herald decided to turn to Chris Cooper, professor and head of the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs at Western Carolina University, for his thoughts on what lies ahead here in 2018, a year that […]

In 11th, Meadows is ‘about as invulnerable as they come’

This story was written by Jim Buchanan, originally published in The Sylva Herald. “Meadows is about as invulnerable as they come,” according to Chris Cooper, a professor and department head of political science and Public Affairs at Western Carolina University. If anything, Cooper, widely regarded as the go-to political expert for this region, might be understating the […]

WCJ Wheekly Update: Decision 2016 special

In this edition of WCJ Wheekly we go over the results of the primaries so far and the results of Super Saturday. Stay tuned weekly for more episodes of WCJ Wheekly Update.    

N.C. House debate will be held at WCU

In the coming weeks, the North Carolina House of Representatives candidates for District 119 will debate who shall win the seat on Nov. 4. On Tuesday, Sept. 23, Western Carolina University will host the incumbent Joe Sam Queen (D) of Haywood County and the challenger Mike Clampitt (R) of Swain County.  This debate will take […]

Panel Discusses Southern Stereotypes in the World of Cartoons

On Thursday, March 14, a panel of three local cartoonists and the head of the Political Science department at Western Carolina University met to discuss stereotypes and social identity in cartoons. Brent Brown, Randy Molton and David Cohen understand the world of cartoons because they have made it their passion and livelihood. Men comprise much of […]

The sequester and what it means in the eyes of WCU experts

Congress did not act to prevent the reductions in projected spending, known formally as the “sequester,” from taking effect at the beginning of March. Dr. Chris Cooper, associate professor of political science, has his concerns in the short-term, but thinks that there will eventually be a compromise on the issue of government spending. Dr. Stephen […]