Experience Taiko drumming at WCU

Originally published in The Guide by Gavin Stewart The WCU Performance series progresses with “TAO: Drum Heart” on Saturday, Feb. 24, at 7:30 p.m. at Western Carolina University’s John W. Bardo Arts Fine and Performing Arts Center. TAO is made up of internationally acclaimed percussion artists trained in Taiko Drumming, a form of drumming that utilizes large-scale drums. […]

“Hair” brings Broadway to Cullowhee

“The Terrence Mann musicals here are fantastic, they’re better than any college plays have any right being,” said theater goer Mark Tyson, who had just come back with his wife Denise Tyson from Hamilton in Chicago a week ago. “Terrence Mann brings Broadway to Cullowhee,” added his wife Denise Tyson. Western Carolina University’s Stage & Screen […]

Last Minute Productions shares new acts for fall 2017

A new set of comedians, musicians, spoken word poets and hypnotists could be coming to perform in Cullowhee. Last Minute Productions coordinators met with students on Feb. 17 to discuss the possibility of several varied acts bringing their talents to the campus of WCU. The program, which took place in the UC Illusions room, was […]

Fine Art Museum fundraiser brings together WCU community just in time for the holidays

  The sweet scent of shortbread accompanied the sounds of warm jazz and friendly chatter floated through the long lobby of the Bardo Arts Center on Thursday, Nov. 17, at the Handmade Holiday Sale. The Handmade Holiday Sale is an early holiday celebration that takes place the week before Thanksgiving each year at the BAC, where […]

Buy arts and gifts this Thursday at the Bardo Arts Center

WCU’s Fine Art Museum will be hosting its annual Handmade Holiday Sale from noon to 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 17,  at the Bardo Arts Center. Created and organized by museum attendant and artist Dawn Behling, the event is both a fundraiser for the museum and a chance for local artists to get their name and […]

Piecing together art, history and culture of the Middle East

Around 200 WCU students and faculty attended when they were discovering the history and culture of the Middle East through an unusual art form – mosaics. Distinguished art historian and archaeologist, Dr. Karen Britt, held a lecture for all interested students and faculty in Bardo Arts Center Tuesday evening. As part of a guest speaker […]