Darby Harris: A cycler’s journey

“Mountains, little traffic, WCU is perfect!” This was the reaction that Darby Harris had the first time he visited Western Carolina University his senior year in high school. He knew that choosing the right college for him meant choosing the right place to cycle. It was in this moment during our interview that I realized […]

WCU’s inaugural “Airport Assault” bike race this weekend

The WCU Cycling Team will host its first ever bike race this weekend for about 150 cyclists spanning from across the state down to Florida, as well as Puerto Rico. The 15 teams that are signed up for the “Airport Assault” will participate in three events – an individual time trial, a road race and […]

WCU trail system officially opens

Western Carolina University hosted a grand opening celebration of the new WCU trail system Saturday, Feb. 23. There was a great turnout to enjoy the advent of this addition to the university, despite the overcast day. A group ride was held, there were bike clinics, free food and live music. The trail system consists of […]

Wolfpack Classic road race

The WCU Cycling Team commuted to Raleigh over the weekend to participate in the Wolfpack Classic road race, hosted by NC State University. Allen Grosse, Brooks Forsell, Nick Lacombe, Patrick O’Neal and Troy Adams were representing WCU in the 2-day event. WCU had favorable results in the races as a team, with a 2nd place […]

Icycle mountain bike event

The WCU Cycling Team traveled to Fontana Village Resort on Saturday, Jan. 26, to participate in the Icycle mountain bike event. Matt Schumaker, Nick Lacombe and Allen Grosse participated in the sport (intermediate) class of the cross-country race and Schumaker placed third. Tyler Mode raced in the beginner class of the cross-country race. Jonathan Moore raced in the […]

Team Globalbike: The other side of pro cycling

In recent times, mainstream media has been rife with controversy when dealing with professional cycling. It seems as though every article published has to do with negative things going on in the sport, focusing on Lance Armstrong and others involved with blood doping. There is more to the sport of professional cycling than these stories […]