Six great concerts coming to Asheville this spring

Though it’s been hard to believe these past couple of frigid weeks, warmer days are in sight and they are bringing some great music to the mountains. Here are eight shows to consider dropping a few dollars on as we near the halfway point of the semester, in the order of their occurrence. Houndmouth @ […]

Album Review: Aofie O’Donovan – In The Magic Hour

“In the magic hour…” sounds like the beginning of a fairy tail, or the beginning of instructions to a witch’s spell. Aofie (pronounced “EE-fah”) O’ Donovan’s Jan. 22 release certainly calls to mind the whimsy of these childish fantasies. As a stage and screen student who has taken a whopping one cinematography class, I know […]

Staff Writer takes on Base Camp Cullowhee’s rock wall

Western Carolina University boasts the highest collegiate rock wall in the state at 50 ft high. Base Camp Cullowhee hosts a climbing competition every year where students can win a t-shirt. This year’s competition was held in November over two evenings. About 20 people competed each night. Beside special events, the rock wall is open […]

Five album releases to get excited about in 2016

If you don’t think 2015 was a good year for music, maybe you are deaf. Or perhaps, you pride yourself in being super underground and are therefore too enlightened to listen to Adele. In that case, you probably hated the month of December, because it was impossible to take in any medium of media without […]


Has the rain got you feeling down? Tis the season… to have poor, cold weather. Find out how some students are coping with the recent bout of bad weather in this video news package.

Majoring in Elementary Education: Is it worth it?

Bent over a wooden table littered with textbooks and sheets of tattered instructions, a Western Carolina senior clicks incessantly on her keyboard, eyes glazing over from looking at the same computer screen for hours—or is it sleep deprivation that is causing her eyes to cross? Creating lesson plan after lesson plan, Jessica Shearin, an Elementary […]