Mike Hill isn’t stopping to rest

Mike Hill originally came to Western Carolina University for the band, but as he plans for graduation in May 2014, he will be graduating with a degree from the Film and Television Production program. “I sort of wanted to do music, I sort of wanted to write – I didn’t really know what I wanted […]

Large dreams for a large man

You cannot miss Alex Day when you see him on WCU’s campus or even during the long practices of the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band. He is taller than anybody around him but always has a wide smile on his face. He is also my little brother. Day is a sophomore at Western Carolina […]

A dream in production

Daniel Ross is juggling responsibilities and working for his dream. His long-time passion for music sparked a new love for music production, leading him into starting Avidity Recording Studio. Ross launched Avidity in 2011 and has since carried steady clientele over the last two years, most of whom are WCU students. Ross, a junior and […]

Alecia Page: triumph of a first-generation college student

Alecia Page spent her entire college career holding many titles at Western Carolina University. When she walked at the graduation ceremony on May 11, she left behind a legacy –  a program that will  provide assistance and support for first-generation college students. “I was elected freshman year into senate, so my term started sophomore year as sophomore senator,” Page […]

Susan Brown-Strauss: professor, designer, leader

  Susan Brown-Strauss spends many hours of her day on the campus of Western Carolina University, tackling dozens of duties to fulfill her numerous job titles. Brown-Strauss is a professor in the School of Stage and Screen where she teaches design and technical theatre. She is also Costume Shop Director and the resident costume designer […]

Matt Stillwell knows what it takes to make it in Nashville

Matt Stillwell is more than just your regular graduate of Western Carolina University. In the years since his graduation, Matt has come all the way from small town Cullowhee to big time Nashville, TN, where he is making a name for himself as a country music star. Recently, Matt has been a featured artist on […]