Whee Matter forum to prompt administrative improvements at WCU

Race and diversity forum “Whee Matter” was used for students to voice their opinion and for administration to take action. WCU’s Intercultural Affairs, led by student leaders Antonio Oakley and Tenae Turner, with help from the students in attendance, raised some expectations from the upper administration to better promote diversity and inclusion for minorities on campus. The […]

Net Neutrality impacts you

When on the internet, you expect to have access to whatever website you want with generally fast speeds. What you are expecting is Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality essentially sustains an open internet. However, Thomas Hazlett, a professor of economics at Clemson University, disagrees. Hazlett described how Net Neutrality stifles competition and innovation in the marketplace during […]

Nantahala joins Sylva’s craft beer scene

Originally published in The Sylva Herald by Gavin Stewart. Jackson County residents were abuzz on Facebook after finding out the brewery that makes some of their favorite beers, such as Dirty Girl Blonde and Bryson City Brown, plans to open a taproom and brewery in downtown Sylva this year. Joe Rowland, owner of Nantahala Brewing […]

Student Government Association looking to increase turnout in upcoming elections

On a campus of over 11,000 students, it can feel difficult for students to have their voice heard by the people higher up. The best way for students to communicate a problem that they want fixed is to go through the Student Government Association who are having elections in March. Elections for the Student Government […]

NC Congressional and Legislative maps under scrutiny

North Carolina has a problem – a map problem to be specific. Both North Carolina’s Generally Assembly map and the U.S. Congress map have been challenged in federal and state courts. In an email, Dr. Todd Collins, WCU’s Public Policy Institute Director and political science professor, explains how the two maps impact North Carolina’s future elections […]

Ibram X. Kendi tackles racism in WCU Civil Discourse Series

In today’s society, one of the questions we consistently struggle to answer is how to finally abolish racism. Ibram X. Kendi offers a solution that might just work. For WCU’s Civil Discourse series, Kendi broke down racism and ways to overcome it on Wednesday, Feb. 7, in the UC Grand room. First, in order to […]