WCU out-of-state students get 6 percent tuition increase

Western Carolina University Board of Trustee approved tuition increase for the 2014 curricular year. For in-state students the financial aspects of the increase are affordable. For out-of-state students, it is the new make or break to attend WCU. Right now for the Fall ’13 and Spring ’14 semesters at WCU they are more than affordable […]

Price to park at WCU increases

Parking has become a hot topic for both students and administration. The price to park on campus is rising, and with the increased enrollment, there are less available parking spaces. The 2012 parking fee was $84, which increased to $96 for 2013. The fee has already been raised to $112 for Fall 2014. Board of […]

WCU is growing and so are your bills for fees and tuition

A change of scenery is good. But as the temperatures drop, Western Carolina is experiencing more of a change than the weather dictates. And it is coming at a cost. Western Carolina University is facing an increase in tuition and fees that will hit students for the academic year starting Fall 2014 and some even […]

Aid or debt? The high price of a higher education

To apply for financial aid, it’s as easy as going to WCU’s website, typing “financial aid” into the search bar, clicking on the financial aid office’s website and then clicking on the “Apply for Aid” button in the middle of the page. The “Apply for Aid” button will guide you to a bulleted list of […]

Student housing increases stirring the Western pot

There always seems to be someone talking about something. And for Western Carolina University students, that something is the tuition and fee increases for the next academic year. Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Sam Miller, co-chair of the Tuition and Fees Committee, has been instigating that chatter for months now, and it is all culminating […]

Students losing appetite over dining increases

Western Carolina is in its own vicious circle and is wielding a double-edged sword. That is a minor exaggeration, but an accurate depiction as the university goes through a significant amount of change with increases in tuition and fees for the next academic year. Students want justification for all of the increases that are to […]