Mountain Heritage Day remembers Steve Sutton

Having performed everywhere from local front porches to the Grand Ole Opry, Steve Sutton, a bluegrass marvel, had an unparalleled impact on the evolvement of Appalachian music. This year’s 43rd Mountain Heritage Day will remember Sutton and his contribution to the music scene with a special presentation on the Blue Ridge stage at 1 p.m. […]

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

In times of panic, people are judgmental of what they don’t understand. Amidst the AIDS crisis of the mid-1980s, New Yorkers tried to deal with the uncertainties of life and death, eternal damnation and salvation and the affairs of the heart. That’s what WCU’s School of Stage and Screen will show us with its season […]

Dear WCU – share your story with the world

“If you had one story to share with the world, what would you say?” This is the question that launches each Dear World event, an interactive experience that explores stories of struggle, of hope and of brighter days. The team of Dear World will start Dear WCU’s open shoot at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. […]

Missouri band plays bluegrass “Tommy” at Bardo

The Who’s acclaimed rock opera, “Tommy,” has seen many incarnations, including film, ballet, Broadway musical and, of course, the original double album released in 1969. But the one at Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center last night was definitely the twangiest. On Sept. 7 The HillBenders performed their signature bluegrass interpretation of The Who’s “Tommy” […]

Hendersonville two-piece folk band only gets better

“Wilderness,” released June 10, is the second full-length album by Wintervals, a two-piece folk band from Hendersonville, NC. The new LP represents the evolution of a relationship. Lisa Tyler and Trevor Walker met at The Ugly Mug coffee shop in Hendersonville when they started working together. After a few joint acoustic shows, the singer and […]

Sylva rock band releases debut EP

Sylva southern rock n’ roll band, The Log Noggins, have spent many hours in the studio since November, and this month they emerged with an impressive set of songs to show for it. The band released their groove-packed four-track self-titled demo with a live show at Highland Brewing Company in Asheville on June 9. The […]