Softball player competes at all costs

When Robyn Burnette was four years old, she craved the athleticism and competition that most people her age couldn’t even comprehend. For this WCU softball player sports is everything and is worth the pain. “I bugged the crap out of her [Burnette’s mom] and my dad until signups came along and they signed me up […]

From California Dreamin’ to Fried Chicken Eatin’

Michelle Bello has what people call it “golf in her genes” and you could say she is destined to play. When Bello was six years old her dad got her into golf and liked it a lot. But, as she got older her interest changed and she began playing softball. That took a toll on […]

WCU soccer girl beat the odds and continues to play

Samantha Hodge never expected that following her passion for soccer meant so much pain. The 22-year old WCU senior and soccer player for the WCU Catamounts is playing but that comes at a price. Hodge started playing soccer when she was 6 years old because her parents wanted her to get more involved. “Neither of my parents […]

Tailgate here or there?

Photo: Doug Powell (Story was updated March 29, with video from Salomon Sierra) The UC Lawn was transformed into a carnival like scene Tuesday, as part of the Chancellor Installation events.  The “lawngating” event was prior to the baseball game against Kennesaw State. The students enjoyed the beautiful March day, with ice cream and a […]

Apple unveils new iPad without a name

Apple unveiled today the newest iPad, however the new name was not given, unlike its processors iPad 1 and iPad 2. The newest edition to the Apple family will have a HD Screen, more pixels and for the first time 4G capabilities. The other major feature is the personal hotspot, with connection up to five […]

Should student athletes be paid?

Western Carolina University joined the national debate on student athletes getting paid for their time as players in college teams. Former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr visited WCU on Feb.20, “to stir up a little controversy”. WCU SGA president TJ Eaves says it would be good if the athletes get paid, but on […]