Have you prepared for Doomsday?

By Jessica Duncan and Jenna Englert The million dollar question, when will Doomsday occur? How will the world, as we know it, diminish? There are theories that expand from the earth being swallowed by a black hole, to the rapture, to a gigantic volcano burning the entire earth to a crisp, to a zombie apocalypse. […]

Thanksgiving has been with the Cherokee people forever

Thanksgiving means something different to all of us. It can mean overindulging, spending time with family, traveling, turkey dinner at Cracker Barrel, or just plain ole giving thanks- maybe even all of the above. For the Cherokee people, Thanksgiving means celebrating the harvest with the tribe and community. With the Native American Heritage Expo that […]

Healthcare topic of a heated mock presidential debate at WCU

The WCU Honor’s college and Political Science Club put on a mock presidential debate on Nov. 1 in the Turner Auditorium in which students representatives debated on the republican, democratic, and libertarian platforms. Representing the Republican College was Reagan Hartley, Lucie Bowman represented the Democratic College, and Colton Overcash represented the Young American Libertarians. The […]

Unintentional racism discussed as part of WCU Diversity week

To kick off WCU’s 12th Annual Diversity Week, Psychology professor, Dr. John Habel led a lecture on Unintentional Racism on Monday, Sept. 17. The turnout was pretty small with around 10-15 students in the audience. The lecture began with a quiet crowd but by the end many students were sharing their personal stories and opinions. […]

Life of an illegal immigrant in WNC

TIME magazine published a story about illegal immigrants who are coming out and being open about their status wanting a resolution. The article is written by one of them – Jose Antonio Varga, journalist who one year ago came out very publicly and said he is in USA illegally. Jessica Duncan did a story on […]

Belcher’s disc golf tournament

Anthony Bouthillette contributed to the story Installation week has brought many activites to Western Carolina University’s campus including a disc golf open player’s tournament on Monday, March 26. 20 plus students and staff competed in the tournament and the winners were announced on the baseball game on March 27. WCU Professor Justin Menickelli designed the […]