Volunteers help out Cullowhee Garden Club

The story was updated on Nov. 1, 2017 with a photo-story. 

WCU students and town locals volunteered with the Cullowhee Garden Club on Wednesday, Oct. 25 to prepare their garden and crops for the cold weather sweeping in.

WCU students doing volunteer work for the Cullowhee garden club on Oct. 25, 2017. Photo by Morgan Miller.

Five years ago Adam Bigelow, the garden manager, started the Cullowhee Garden Club to grow crops and donate them to the locals in need. The club has around 40 active members and meets once a week all year. During the winter time, garden members continue to come out and tend to the land so it can be ready for growing crops in the spring.

“Everything we grow out here goes back to the community and people in need,” said Anita Hall, one of the members.

Over 20 WCU students showed up to volunteer and help maintain the upkeep of the garden. Each volunteer was working hard pulling weeds, spreading soil, and preparing for the winter time.

WCU sophomore, Tori Blake, has never done volunteer work for the school or town before, but the Cullowhee Garden Club was a great place to start.

Jose Ramirez, WCU sophomore, said he volunteers every week because the club supports many people within the area that need help.


Cullowhee Community Garden Club meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 25. By Morgan Miller.

The Cullowhee Garden Club always appreciates everyone who comes to help because there is always work to be done. The club will continue to meet every Wednesday at 3 p.m.

To learn more information, visit the Cullowhee Garden Club Facebook page.