WCU students laugh off stress at Homecoming Comedy Show

Laughter filled the UC Grand Room on Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. when Drew Lynch and Erin Jackson brought their one-liners to campus.

One of the tickets students picked up before the show. Photo by Keegan Wiggins

To shake off post fall break blues and celebrate homecoming week, Arts and Cultural Events (ACE) brought the Homecoming Comedy Show to the students.

One of the co-directors for the comedy show, Paige Rushing, thought this was a great chance for students to relieve some stress.

“I think laughter is the best medicine,” said Rushing. “And so coming to the comedy show will allow them to take a break from school, work, or homework and just have a good time and relax and laugh.”

Students lined up leading outside of the UC in anticipation for the comedic duo, and they did not disappoint.

Erin Jackson kicked off the show with relatable jokes that had students squealing with laughter and yelling, “Same!”

Her jokes centered around the struggles of the dating scene, aging parents, and obnoxious people.

Erin Jackson meeting with students after the show. Photo by Keegan Wiggins

“My favorite part was Erin,” said WCU student, Jordan Lemasters. “I really liked her jokes, and they really related to me, and I just thought that they were really funny.”

Erin’s fan favorite joke described a friend’s three-year-old son asking her where was her boyfriend. Once he found out she didn’t have one, he asked to see if she had any toys to play with because he didn’t want her to be lonely. Erin replied, “Absolutely.”

WCU students roared with laughter.

Erin loved how quick the audience was to laugh.

“Don’t be offended, just laugh,” said Erin. “I’m not saying anything that I think is offensive to offend you, so if I’m saying it, it’s okay to laugh at it.”

After getting into comedy because of a dare with her ex-boyfriend, Erin has taken off with her career.

Erin has appeared in everything from NBC’s Last Comic Standing to The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as co-hosting three seasons of Exhale.

With students still gasping for air after Erin’s routine, Drew Lynch took to the stage with just as much enthusiasm.

Drew is known for his severe stuttering, which occurred from a softball accident, as well as

finishing in second place on the tenth season of America’s Got Talent.

Watch Drew’s golden buzzer audition below.

Staying true to himself, Drew immediately started his routine by joking about his experiences from celebrating Mardi Gras to awkward doctor visits and laughing alongside the audience.

Co-director, Brandon Lokey, admired Drew’s ability to spin everything into a positive.

“I think what I really appreciate about Drew is that he is doing the best that he can with what he has been given,” said Lokey.

As a comedian, Drew’s goal is to make the audience feel good and make them laugh.

Drew Lynch and Stella meeting WCU students after the show. Photo by Keegan Wiggins

“I think my favorite part of comedy is people saying they felt better after the show and especially on college campuses,” said Drew. “People are between exams and busy lives, so it means a lot to the to take the time to come see a show.”

Similar to Erin, Drew was ecstatic about WCU’s audience.

“Everybody was very unique and there was always a lot going on in the audience, so there was lots of playoff there,” said Drew. “And, I think everybody came to have a good time and they were good sports.”

After the show, students had the chance to meet and greet both Erin and Drew as well as Stella, Drew’s service dog.