Sylva rock band releases debut EP

Sylva southern rock n’ roll band, The Log Noggins, have spent many hours in the studio since November, and this month they emerged with an impressive set of songs to show for it.

The Log Noggins played an EP release show at Highland Brewing Company in Asheville on June 9. Photo by Dexter Vandersall.

The band released their groove-packed four-track self-titled demo with a live show at Highland Brewing Company in Asheville on June 9.

The Log Noggins EP was recorded at Sedgwick Studios in Flat Rock, NC, by drummer and graduate of Berklee College of Music, Wayne Redden. The band tracked the backbone for each song live and with one take, then layered lead guitar and vocals on afterward.

The demo was originally supposed to consist of three songs, but a fourth track, “C’mon,” found its way onto the EP last minute. Guitarist and lead vocalist Adrian Brinkley explained that the band wrote it after the base tracks were laid for the other songs.

“We were itchin’ to put it out,” Brinkley said. “We actually finished up the lyrics while we were at the studio.”

Brinkley said the recorded tracks fulfill two roles for The Log Noggins. The first is that they provide listeners tangible recordings of the band’s sound.

“It’s awesome to be able to send a link and say, ‘Here’s our BandCamp. Here’s what we sound like,’” said Brinkley. “It’s much better than old YouTube videos, which just weren’t a good representation of where we were at.”

Drummer Wayne Redden performed back-up vocals on The Log Noggins EP. Photo by Dexter Vandersall.

The other role he said the demo serves is to give the band’s press kit some muscle, so venue managers have a better idea of what a Log Noggins show will sound like.

Going forward, the main priority of the band in getting more gigs.

“Our goal now is to reach a bigger audience. We’re definitely playing more shows farther away from Western North Carolina,” Brinkley said. “It’s cool to get on the road and go to Boone, or Tennessee, or Greenville, South Carolina… We want to keep getting bigger. We’re definitely looking forward, not backward.”

Redden, the drummer and sound producer for the EP said, “We try to put an experience out there with our energy; we’re not just playing tunes to get the money at the end of the night. We’re passionate and we’re always trying to become better players and musicians.”

Redden also disclosed that the band is already working on new music, even though it won’t come out for a while.

“We’re trying to mark out our own spot sonically and develop that, so we can not just stand apart, but also compliment our roots. We’re working on a new tune that we’re pretty excited about with a few different ideas going on.”

Brinkley and the band’s other guitarist, Gavin Welch, both plan on graduating from WCU this academic year.

You can hear The Log Noggins EP on iTunes and Spotify.

The Log Noggins will be playing these shows in the near future:

Wednesday, June 28 – Gottrocks in Greenville, SC
Saturday, July 1 – The DFR Room in Brevard, NC
Wednesday, July 12 – The Mothlight in Asheville, NC