Whee Gaming brings competitive gaming to WCU

(Center) Marvin Hernandez the winner of the Smash Brothers tournament, with officers of the Whee Gaming Club after winning the Nintendo Switch. Photo by Jesse Pigeon.

Students and players from around the state, got to get a little break from classes, and put away the pencils. They brought out their controllers with the Whee Gaming Tournament, which was held April 29 in the University Center Illusions room.

The Whee Gaming Club had multiple tournaments, that players could enter for just $5  which featured plenty of games to play like: Mario Kart, Battlefield, Halo and countless number of other games. But there was one tournament, which brought people from far and wide, and that was the Super Smash Bros. Tournament.

The Smash Bros. Tournament had a $10 entrance fee, and had  18 players. It even had players who traveled from afar as Charlotte to showcase their skills and compete at the chance to win the grand prize –the new Nintendo Switch console.

Planning this event is not an easy thing to do, Eddie Maiale, the president of Whee Gaming explained what it takes to plan this event and why he loves events like this one.

The winner of the tournament and the Nintendo Switch was Marvin Hernandez, a student from UNC Charlotte, who traveled to WCU.

“I feel so happy! I drove three hours for this tournament. To win the Switch, I feel like I got what I came for. I feel successful right now.” Hernandez also has a good idea what he plans to do with his new gaming console.”I might give it to my brother, his birthday is a few weeks away.”

With competitive gaming growing more and more popular, especially Super Smash Bros., maybe these gamers will be competing in bigger gaming tournaments in the future.