Magician Nash Fung performs for WCU in LMP’s final spring show

Magic was in the air Tuesday, April 25, as Seattle-based magician Nash Fung
performed in WCU’s University Center for more than 50 students.

For more information on this event, see Andrew Cline and Travis Bilger’s video story:

Fung is much more than a simple card trick.  Immigrating from Hong Kong at age 13, he often felt the need to seek approval from his peers.

“I struggle with being an immigrant, you know, not wanting to be judged, fearing that people looked at me through stereotypes. I realized that, as a performer, obviously I care about what the audience thinks about me. So, I’m always the kind of person that craves people’s acceptance, but then that struggle taught me that’s stupid. Why do you need others’ acceptance? You know just do you, just be who you are,” Fung said.

He added that being an immigrant made him a stronger person, and that he learned to accept who he was because of his struggles.

Fung also told the story of an Alzheimer’s patient, who regained partial memory for one week after seeing his show.

“When that was told to me, just the amount of joy that he truly had that one week, when he can really reconnect and reminisce with his dad. For him to have gone through that for five years, it was difficult. But for that one, just that one week, to be able to be with his dad fully again, it was definitely heartwarming for me,” he said.

While Fung’s magic and humor was memorable, his stories are what will stick out to WCU students who saw his show.