Jackson County list of accepted recyclables

Lead-Acid automobile batteries are accepted at the county sites.
Commercial Waste
Any solid waste generated by a business that is classified as a commercial business or non-profit.
Container Recycling
Aluminum Cans, steel cans, plastic bottles and containers, and glass containers. Items not accepted: glass cookware, ceramics, mirrors, window glass, headlights, light bulbs, or medicine bottles, plastic motor oil or antifreeze containers, tubs, pots, or trays.
Electronics Recycling
Electronic equipment is accepted with the exception of unauthorized waste.
Fiber Recycling
Newspaper, Mixed paper and corrugated Cardboard. Items not recyclable are:
Paper towels, cups or plates, tissues, blueprints, pet food bags, carbon paper, waxed paper, wallpaper or plastic bags.
Household Bulky Items
These items also referred to as “bulk material” include household furniture, mattresses, and bedding.
Residential Waste
Any solid waste, garbage and refuse as defined in the Solid Waste Management Ordinance of Jackson County. Solid waste, (excluding C&D, LCID, and hazardous waste) generated in the normal daily activities of a single residence.
Waste Oil 
This waste is used motor oil resulting from the maintenance of household engines such as automobiles, trucks, boats and lawn & garden equipment. Used oil filters are also recycled at waste oil locations.
White Goods (Scrap metal)
These items include inoperative or discarded refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers, or other similar domestic appliance.
Yard Waste & Brush
This is solid waste consisting solely of vegetative matter such as leaves, pine straw, pinecones, grass trimmings, and small limbs in quantities normally associated with residential yard maintenance.
Unauthorized Waste
The County will not accept or transport any hazardous waste, liquid waste, regulated medical waste, sharps not properly packaged, regulated asbestos-containing material or any other waste that would not be acceptable for disposal at the Jackson County Solid Waste facilities.