Whee Gaming Tournament coming soon

The Whee Gaming Club will be holding a gaming tournament in the UC Illusions room on April 29.

Past Whee Gaming Tournament. Photo courtesy of Whee Gaming.

There will be several tournaments for games such as Super Smash Bros., Rocket League, Mario Kart and Mario Party.

For just $5 you can enter and play in as many tournaments that you wish, and for $10 you can enter a competitive Super Smash Bros tournament where the grand prize of the tournament is a brand new Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is the newest console that Nintendo has released, which is hard to come by since they are mostly sold out in stores. It is still not known if there will be prizes for the winners of the other tournaments.

Even though this is a tournament, Isaiah Hanna, who is head of PR and Marketing for the Whee Gaming Club said this tournament is for everyone and any level of gamer is welcomed, adding, “It’s a friendly event for anyone to come to, we are not super competitive, but if you are, you can come to.”

“What I personally like about the gaming tournaments is the joys of competing and the bonds you make with your teammates and your opponents, “said Tyler Ho, a member of Whee Gaming who enjoys these tournaments because of the bonds that are created there.

If you don’t want to wait for the tournament to play some video games with some great people, Whee Gaming Club meets every Saturday in the Cardinal Room in the UC every Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight.

If you have any questions about the tournament you can contact Isaiah Hanna (336)-582-8541, or you can also contact Whee Gaming on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Photos from past Whee Gaming tournaments