Archives for April 17, 2017

Whee Gaming Tournament coming soon

The Whee Gaming Club will be holding a gaming tournament in the UC Illusions room on April 29. There will be several tournaments for games such as Super Smash Bros., Rocket League, Mario Kart and Mario Party. For just $5 you can enter and play in as many tournaments that you wish, and for $10 you can enter […]

The 15th Literary Festival is over; preps for next one start

On April 6, the Coulter recital hall filled up with people to listen to a poetry reading from one of the most famous contemporary poets: Billy Collins. After 13 artists visited WCU, the 15th Literary Festival ended. This year’s Literary Festival started on April 3 and featured short story writers, novelists, poets and for the first […]

“Hair” brings Broadway to Cullowhee

“The Terrence Mann musicals here are fantastic, they’re better than any college plays have any right being,” said theater goer Mark Tyson, who had just come back with his wife Denise Tyson from Hamilton in Chicago a week ago. “Terrence Mann brings Broadway to Cullowhee,” added his wife Denise Tyson. Western Carolina University’s Stage & Screen […]

How well do you know your well?

This story was written by Rachel Plouse, originally published in The Crossroads Chronicle on April, 12th 2017. Well maintenance is usually the last thing on our minds while we’re improving our homes. It’s not until a catastrophe happens that we remember the wear and tear both weather and nature have on our wells. When you live outside […]