Climbing competition takes over rec center

Victor Jones, WCU sophomore, works on a problem during Rock and Rumble, Feb. 18. 2017. Photo by Kristie Watkins

The 10th annual Rock and Rumble Bouldering Competition filled WCU’s Campus Recreation Center Feb. 18 as climbers from all over the Southeast gathered to compete.

The atmosphere was lively and energetic as over 70 participants showed up for the event from seven different schools. There were two heats of competition in which competitors could choose to climb in novice, intermediate or open levels.

The competition kicked off and climbers lined up in front of the routes they wanted to attempt. A Base Camp Cullowhee employee stood as a judge for each section of the wall. The different routes were given various point values depending on their difficulty. Climbers gave their score sheets to the judges and if they completed the route, they got the points. The male and female participants with the top five highest scores for each category were awarded.

Climbers line up, preparing for their runs. Photo by Kristie Watkins

As Rock and Rumble continued on during the day the excitement increased among the participants as people cheered and yelled for each other. When someone completed a difficult route, regardless of what school they were from, everyone watching encouraged and congratulated them.

Overall, the competition was well attended and everyone who participated seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day.

Sydney Dodson, a freshman at WCU, said Rock and Rumble was her first climbing competition.

“I chose a good competition for my first one. Everyone has been so supportive. I was nervous at first, but today has been a lot of fun!” Dodson said.

Matt Ford, WCU sophomore, sports his new t-shirt from Saturday. Photo by Kristie Watkins

After the second heat of competition was completed, the judges finalized the scores, while the participants won prizes in a raffle. The climbing club and Base Camp received several sponsors for the event in the form of prizes. Many different climbing companies, as well as popular brands such as Chaco and Keen, donated prizes for those who participated.

After the raffle was completed, the winners for each division were announced.

The placements for the 10th Annual Rock and Rumble are as follows:



  1.  Daniela Mangieri

    Kristen Eskridge, WCU Junior, climbing during competition. Photo by Kristie Watkins

  2. Audrey Ashburner
  3. Sidney Perkinson


  1. Tucker Foster
  2. Joe Roberts
  3. Chad Brouwer



  1. Corey Mitchell
  2. Anna Britton
  3. Nikki McArther


  1. Alex Chih
  2. Harrison Smith
  3. Tristan Schreiber


No females competed in open.


  1. Carter Smith
  2. Christian Wagner
  3. Cooper Cronk

The Rock and Rumble Bouldering Competition was once again a successful day and will continue on next year. The climbing club will compete in their next competition in Brevard, Feb. 25, at the Brevard Rock Gym.