Diverse languages united by poetry readings

Event participants after the poetry reading. Photo by: Regina LaCarrubba

The third annual “World Languages Poetry” event incorporated five languages and contributed to cultural unification.

The Feb. 7 event, held by the World Languages Department,  gives professors and students the opportunity to gather together to read love poems and poetry about diverse cultures.

This event was formed and brought together by professor Garrett Fisher of the Spanish program.

“The first year of the event, it was called ‘Romance Languages Poetry Event’ in accordance to Valentine’s Day. It was meant to bring together the faculty of the Spanish Department along with the students. Not all languages are romantic, so later on I decided to change the name and include other languages in the poetry event,” Fisher said.

Members of the WCU community listen to poetry performances in the University Center. Photo by: Daniela Gamboa

Some of the languages used during the event were Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Persian.

Professor Mark Couture read, “Mujer en bikini,” by Gloria Fuertes – a Spanish poem. Kristina Shostak read, “I loved you once,” by Alexander Pushkin – a Russian poem. Santiago Garcia-Castañon read an original poem, “Reflexin del idoltara” – a Spanish poem. Andrew Berenfeld read, “Le brouillard,” by Maurice Careme – a French poem.

The Japanese program presenters sang their poetry. Students Averitt and Palmer sang “No Rain, No Rainbow,” together.

These are only a few of the professors and students who read.

“It’s an opportunity for students to see the language in a different way. The poetry is written for those students who can appreciate the other languages that we teach in the department. Not only for the languages that they are currently studying, “ Santiago Garcia-Castañon, said .

“Getting involved in events helps keep students motivated to continue learning their language,” World Languages Department Head and professor of German, Will Lehman, said.