Comedian D.J. Demers performs stand-up at WCU

Many WCU students were lucky this Friday, Jan. 13, to see D.J. Demers deliver a witty and gritty stand-up show in the UC Illusions room.

Comedian D.J. Demers performed stand-up in UC Illusions on Jan. 13. Photo by Yustin Riopko.

The comic jumped between a wide array of topics ranging through public restroom experiences, romantic relationships and living with a hearing impairment, among much more.

Demers is Canadian-born and moved to Los Angeles at the end of last year. Born in Kitchener, Ontario, he went to college in Toronto, where he started practicing comedy at open mics and has since loved the job. He has appeared on Conan and America’s Got Talent among other popular shows and is currently touring the U.S. performing his stand-up routine.

Demers has high goals set for himself and his stand-up career.

“I’d love to do Madison Square Garden. I’ve done Conan, and I want to do Fallon, so we’re trying to make that happen soon. I want to do more late night,” said Demers.

After only a few minutes Demers had the show rolling and the crowd rearing with laughter. His performance was fun and felt specifically tailored to the audience.

“He was good at speaking on the spot and going off the crowd,” said sophomore Devin Brown.

Last Minute Productions organized the event as part of their ongoing Friday Night Comedy program, which brings in various comics to perform at the UC. This was this semester’s first entry in the program. Comedian Ayanna Dookie was also scheduled to perform on Jan. 13, but she was unable to perform due to a personal emergency.

The last performer hosted by LMP for Friday Night Comedy was Chad Daniels on Dec. 9.

LMP will host the next Friday Night Comedy event on Feb. 24, where students can expect to see NY comedian Emma Willmann.

Below you can watch D.J. Demers’ stand-up performance on America’s Got Talent.