Archives for November 4, 2016

Maya art exhibit challenges standard conception of “language”

You might be surprised to know that there are over 7,000 languages in the world. However, if you think of language like the Maya do, this estimate is way too low. The Language of Weaving exhibit that’s on display in the Bardo Fine & Performing Arts Center presents woven textiles made by women from four […]

Final debate at WCU gets heated

Amber Degree contributed to the reporting The candidates for the North Carolina state Senate District 50, incumbent Jim Davis (R) and Jane Hipps (D), debated on Oct. 27, on healthcare, education and taxes, trying to convince voters to vote for them. This was the final debate on the WCU campus and around 75 people attended. The crowd […]

Women’s impact on the presidential election

For the past month, the topic of women has been pivotal in the potential outcome of the presidential election. An article from The Huffington Post claims that this election isn’t about politics, it’s about how America sees women. The article states that there is a lot at stake for women in this election and that […]