Crank up the tractor and grab a banjo, Mountain Heritage Day is back

Hayride 1

The festival always includes a hayride around the intramural fields. Photo by Haley Smith

Mountain Heritage Day will return for its 42nd year this Saturday, Sept. 24. The long-standing event is packed with Southern Appalachian-infused music, dancing, arts, food, and culture.

Located at WCU’s intramural fields from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mountain Heritage Day will have free admission and parking as WCU opens their doors to all to enjoy the day immersed in the family-oriented festival.

“I look forward to Mountain Heritage Day every year. It is a cultural and fun experience you cannot find anywhere else,” said WCU student Brooke Andrade.

Students, community members and those who travel over state lines to attend the festivities can expect to take in a culturally rich experience that celebrates tradition and even features our area’s most well known Americana/Roots music group.

“We are very excited to have last year’s Mountain Heritage Day award-winning band, Mountain Faith with us. They just recently made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry and will be performing two sets this year at the festival,” said Mark Haskett, Mountain Heritage Day Steering committee co-chair.

In a generation that is always looking for the newest trend, this day is a great reminder of what life was once like in these very mountains. It serves as an outlet for cultural traditions to once again be practiced and celebrated. Mountain Heritage Day has something for everyone, whether you wish to take in a heritage demonstration, dance along to the strums of a banjo, or even participate in the eighth edition of the 5k race.

“Students will find that the 5k is a unique opportunity to experience a challenging physical activity as well as a fun and friendly competition with their peers. We hope to provide participants with a fun and healthy activity while also showcasing the beauty of the Western Carolina University Campus,” said Charlie Parrish, sports management faculty member.

Mountain Heritage Day is a chance to learn about the past, have a great time in the present, and give you memories to hold onto in the future.

On a campus that takes great pride in diversity, this event is great for students who are willing to broaden their views of what Southern roots really look like.

For more information on the festivities, visit the Mountain Heritage Day website or contact Mountain Heritage Day Steering co-chairs Stacy MacGregor ( and Mark Haskett (