“Whee See You” – Pride Of The Mountains 2016 show revealed

The theater went dark, the eager students went silent and it hit the screen…..

Band members wait to see the show reveal in the UC theater, April 30, 2016. Photo by Will Richards

Band members wait to see the show reveal in the UC theater, April 30, 2016. Photo by Will Richards

On Saturday, April 30, 2016 in the UC Theater, the upcoming Pride of The Mountains (POTM) marching band show was revealed publicly. Roughly 200 students in the marching program came out to find out what the show concept was going to be.  

The POTM show hitting the field in the fall of 2016 is titled “Whee See You.”

A show based on the perspective of the marcher, for the audience to see what it is like on the field during a performance. From live video feed during the performance to prerecorded work. TVs will be set up on the front line of the football field to show the live feeds and other recordings.

“I think being able to see it from the inside is going to be something no one has seen before and honestly I hope I’m one of the people with a GoPro on,” trumpet section leader in POTM, Spence Howell, said.

Every marching show has a vision, a concept, a story or an idea that the directors want to portray to the audience when creating a show.

“I want the audience to see what it feels like in your shoes as well as what it looks like to be looking at the audience…. Our goal is to have a genre for every single person in that stadium. From every era, there is a little bit for everybody,” said David Starnes, the Director of Athletic Bands.  

The music selection is a variety selected from every era and genre . Including Adele, Night Ranger, Wiz Khalifa, Frank Sinatra, Bassnectar and much more. Ensuring that there is a song that every generation can recognize and enjoy.

“I think it uses a lot styles really effectively instead of just the pop rock we normally do. Including Frank Sinatra and Andrea Burchelli – it’s huge because it’s showing off all our styles and that we are more versatile than people think we are. It’s going to be a challenge to pull it together but I think we’ll pull it off,” Rylee Davis, POTM colorguard member, commented on the music for the upcoming show.

Make sure to make it out to football games next fall to watch the halftime performance show of “Whee See You” put on by the Pride of The Mountains.


Check out this video to see the reveal.