Archives for May 3, 2016

Blunt force trauma: The Western Carolina drug trade

A tangible barrier of pungent, yellow smoke separates the two of us. Through the dissipating wall of smoke, I see him slump down into the sofa with the content look of someone who has become recently stoned. On him, it looks almost like an expression of freedom. “You a tits or ass kind of guy?” […]

Meet the marching band elite: Drum Corps

The summer sun is blazing high and hot onto the field. The stands hold hundreds of people, their faces blurred by the summer heat and the distance. She’s exhausted, having spent the day riding in a bus filled with people, and spending the night sleeping on an air mattress in a gym filled to bursting […]

A peek behind the curtains of Noble Hall

After the burning of Subway and the removal of Bob’s  in the 2014-15 school year, many were curious to know what WCU would do with the open space. Today, the new mixed-use facility/dorm, Noble Hall, is almost ready and come August will be able to receive it’s first tenants. Noble Hall is blue printed to have 172 […]