Women in education: challenges worth facing

Photo taken during a communications class at WCU. Photo by: Julia Hudgins

Photo taken during a communications class at WCU. Photo by: Julia Hudgins

In an effort to see what it is truly like to be a female with a career in education,  members of the News Writing Two class came together to create a comprehensive look into the realities of their world. The end result is a seven story project that covers everything from the history of the profession itself, to what rewards and struggles that teachers have to face in their day to day lives. Below are the links to each of the articles.

The history of women as teachers By: Shelby Lequire

Lequire breaks down the history and the feminization of the teaching profession, giving much needed historical context to the problems teachers face today.

Perspectives on education: Through the eyes of a teacher By: Julia Hudgins.

This article takes a look at Smoky Mountain High School Teacher Kristen Holt’s life and standpoints as a woman in the field.

Gender bias toward teachers? WCU students don’t have that problem By Kayla Brookshire and Will Richards

Here, both reporters took an article done by NPR that stated students tend to have a negative bias towards female teachers. They created and conducted their own study on WCU’s campus and present their findings within the article.

Teaching kids or having kids? By: Meghan Osullivan

This article is dedicated to defining what pregnancy discrimination is, and also paints a picture of what a teacher must go through if she tries to juggle both giving birth and her career.

The gender pay gap in education By: Haley Smith

In this article, Smith breaks down what the pay gap is, how it affects women, and how to help close the difference between what men and women make in the work force.

Inequality in the work place is unfair; WCU is no different  By: Tabitha Hill

In this profile with activist and WCU professor Laura Wright, we explore Wright’s personal journey with many of struggling to achieve true equality in the workplace.

.Provost Discusses Gender Equality (coming later)

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